Slotomania Overview

Slotomania is a typical casino type slot machine game. This latest version of the game was released on 1st August 2016. It is a replica of the gambling game played in the slot machines of Las Vegas. Therefore, the game, Slotomania is not intended for the players below the age of twenty one. The game is said to have more than 14 million fans worldwide. A famous game developing company named “Playtika” has developed the game.

So what the game is all about? The game is all about matching the digits in the different slot of the slot machine. The machine will rapidly choose digits and the player’s luck will be decided. The player can make in app purchases (though the purchases are expensive to some extent). Winning or losing is entirely dependable on players’ luck as in real gambling tables.

A player opens the game with a bonus of ten thousand coins. After 3 hours he gets additional free coins, and the free coins will be delivered to the player’s fund in every 3 hours! The game has more than 140 different types of slot machines to give the player different kinds of experience. So the game is making you more and more greedy. The player can win casino bonus, mega bonus, lotto bonus etc. In addition to it a piggy bank will be given. Why a piggy bank? The piggy bank piles up your coins and when you break the piggy bank you will get special slot bonus.

Other than this you can win various prizes. Prizes like Vegas Slot Machine Jackpot, Mega Wheel free Spin can be earned. This is certainly not the end of the list! You will be given scope to collect Lotto cards too. And the collection of lotto cards will bring you exciting prizes. The game is full of surprises and gifts and a hidden slight risk factor. You are not in verge of losing your money up until you are playing with the free coins. To get free coins you can always use slotomania cheats or hack which you can download from their website.

Another fascinating feature of the game is that it can be played on social media. On Facebook you can play the game with all your Facebook friends. You can also send your friends cards and gifts and simultaneously receive the same. This makes the game more enjoyable. You can take part in live Slotomania tournament on Facebook. Slotomania arranges a VIP reward program where you can bring in TRS points. These points can also be redeemed.

As per public review the game is entertaining, thoroughly enjoyable. In app purchases are costly. Graphic design is nice as a whole. Though the winning rates are not very high people still love to play it that means the game has the power to captivate its players.

COC Cheats and Hacks 2016

COC or the Clash of Clans is now one of the most well known games played online. Here is a trick to make the experience all the more exciting. Immeasurable gold, elixir and gems can be won without any effort in Clash of Clans. Challenges are simple to solve. No extra cash is needed on in app purchases. If you use Clash of Clans cheating or hacking tools, there will be no problem regarding the jewels. This hack tools are obtainable on-line. They are fully safe for your play account. You ought not to worry as these tools are untraceable. All they are doing is build the game easier to win. These tools support all smart phones, iPhone, iPads and PCs. These Clash of Clans hacks tools are effective answer for gathering uncountable gold, elixirs and gems.


The cheating ways varies from game to game. All the multiplayer on-line game reportedly has cheaters. The cheating tools are accessible online. The process is very easy. Whatever, if you want to download and install the tools be sure that you are doing that from a trusted site. Otherwise, you might suffer virus and many other problems. The hack tools and codes of Clash of Clans is such a tool. The users have only to enter the username and the amount of gold and gems are wanted at that point of time.  The different levels of the game need two types of elixirs and gold to boost up and train their troops, develop their villages and fight battles against other villages. The several buildings and constructions are (like, mines and storages) made to store the pile of gems and gold.

What about the players?

Players can open up numerous accounts and play against the other account. The main account will acquire a trouble-free win due to no or modest effort from the other account. Pokémon Go is another instance of game where cheating is a big issue. Niantic has declared that any gaming account that will be found getting advantage over other fair players by using cheating tools will be banned then and there. If anyone feels that his or her account has been banned unreasonably than he or she can send an application.

The tool is updated frequently to avoid any disturbance during the game. The players or users need not to download it whenever they want to enjoy the game. The tools give anti-ban security to provide total protection.

These tools can change the mode of the game. These tools offer you many facilities. The games that come into existence and grow to popularity in a short time must develop some cheating tricks. Obviously, the method of cheating is not only against the rules and regulation of the game but also against the spirit of the game.